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    Why should I hire you to help me book my travel?
    In short, to save money! I spend lots of time each day finding new ways to find great travel deals and hope to pass them along to you! I also love teaching people how to travel for free using points and miles. It's so much easier than you think!
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    How do you travel for free?
    I collect lots of frequent flier miles and hotel points through various methods. Then I find the most effective ways to redeem them for the most value. Most recently, I booked 7 nights of free hotels in Maui, Hawaii all by using hotel points!
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    I know how to search for a flight on KAYAK. Isn't that what you do?
    Yes and No. Even though I have access to mostly the same websites and fares you do, I often find creative ways to help my clients save money. Usually this is by comparing many different sites and knowing which airlines provide the best redemptions for each destination.
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    Do I need flexibility in my travel plans?
    When trying to save money, the more flexibility you have, the more likely you will be able to find a great deal. Finding spectacular deals during weekends or peak holiday seasons may be rare, but there are still plenty of tricks out there to help you save money during these expensive times.
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    I know I want to travel, but I don't know where?
    That is a really fun problem to have! There are so many apps and websites now designed to help you plan your vacation based on your wants and budget rather than a specific location. I can help you utilize websites such as GTFO and Google Flights to help you plan your dream trip!
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    Doesn't signing up for a credit card hurt my credit score?
    This is one of the biggest myths in travel out there! Signing up for credit cards is a lucrative way to travel for free! However, you must be responsible with paying your balance off regularly and limit how many cards you open or close in a given year. Credit cards can actually improve your credit score if used responsibly!
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    I don't want to open any new credit cards. Are there other ways of accumulating miles?
    Yes! Besides flying frequently and credit card signup bonuses, you can earn points through dining and shopping. By linking your frequent flier account to one of these programs, you will earn miles just by eating at a restaurant or shopping at retail stores!
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    What if you can't find me a good deal?
    When receiving inquiries, I can usually help clients decide whether I will be able to help them save money or not. If I feel I cannot get you a deal better than you have found yourself, I will communicate this with you and refund your money.
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