Avi Mehta is a passionate travel-hacker and AVI-ation geek who enjoys sharing his enthusiasm for travel with others around him. His interest in airplanes, airports, cars, and hotels began at age 3 when he started driving in his dad's lap and going to the airport just to watch planes takeoff and land.

He now spends his 3 months of vacation each year to travel extensively with his wife. Avi's favorite part of traveling is indulging in 5-star luxury at a 3-star price. He has been inspired by fabulous blogs such as ThePointsGuy, MillionMileSecrets, and OneMileataTime, which have helped him travel for free for the past five years. 

Avi's passion for finding great travel deals and personalizing them for others led him to start ​his own travel consultancy. 

A Porsche 911 for two days in California for only $350!